How to order

You want to order lunch? Easy does it! Either through Instagram, Whatsapp or the online ordering button. Meanwhile, we are working on the online ordering system, we’ll let you know when it is activated.

Ordering is possible from the moment the new menu is published (every Friday) until 4PM the day before you want lunch being delivered. Just let us know what you want to order, for how many people, for which day(s), your address and you’re all set.

Lunch will be delivered between 12 and 1PM. Payment can be done in cash or through Bizum (upfront).

Packaging will be biodegradable as much as possible. Of course, it is also possible to use your own packaging, just let us know.

Lunch will be delivered cold but all menus have a short manual included how to warm and/or optimal enjoy your lunch.

Sometimes we have dishes outside the menu, don’t forget to ask if you’re interested.

And the more you order, the more people we can help and support: after every tenth menu the equivalent of one menu will be donated to charity – a meal for a family in need, cookies for the old people’s home, etc. You know a good cause yourself? Please do not hesitate to let us know.